Destination Dance Customised Uniform:

Items that are currently available:

  • Preschool Dresses
  • Jacket
  • Polo
  • Singlet
  • Crop Top
  • Shorts
  • Leggings

These items are available to order in child and adult sizes. If you would like to order your very own Destination Dance Uniform please email OR see the office. 

Preschool Ballet & Tiny Jazz: 

  • Ballet - Destination Dance Preschool Dress. Pink ballet tights (colour SPK) and pink ballet shoes (no jiffies), Hair in a secured bun
  • Jazz - Destination Dance Preschool Dress or Black Leotard with Destination Dance Shorts, Pink or Tan Tights, Tan Jazz Shoes. 

At Destination Dance we have a dress code that is to be followed by all students and will be enforced in all classes.

Please see the required uniform for each style below. 


  • Students must be in either a black leotard with a pair of Destination Dance/plain black shorts or Destination Dance Crop top/shorts. Students must wear a pair of convertible tights and no shoes are to be worn. 
  • Hair neatly tied back in a secured bun or braid. 


  • Students may wear their Jazz/Tap attire
  • Foot thongs
  • Knee pads must be worn in all contemporary classes
  • Hair neatly tied back or in a secured bun 


Hip Hop:

  • Comfortable clothing (such as a shirt, tracksuit pants etc.)
  • Sneakers
  • Hair tied off the face

Classical Ballet: 

  • Girls – Black leotard and skirt, pink ballet tights (colour SPK) and pink ballet shoes. Hair in a secured bun
  • Boys – White T-shirt, black leggings/shorts, black ballet shoes, white socks

DD Crop Tops, Shorts, Tops and Leggings are NOT permitted in any Classical Class 


  • Black Leotard with a pair of DD shorts or DD/plain black leggings. With or without their Destination Dance polo/singlet. 
  • Destination Dance Crop Top & Shorts are permitted.
  • Matte Tan Tights (no shiny) or Pink Ballet Tights
  • Tan Jazz Shoes (preferably no laces) and Tan Tap Shoes.
  • Hair needs to be pulled off student’s face and in a bun or ponytail. 


  • Ballet Bun Tutorial:
  • Hair must always be neat and out of the students face.
  • Ponytails and Braids are acceptable for all classes except Classical Ballet.

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